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Desktop Classical DAB+FM Radio

Desktop Classical DAB+FM Radio shares the functionalist design philosophy and uncompromising quality ethos of Peak’s recently announced SuperConnect hybrid radio, ensuring that it is truly a product without equal in the DAB radio category.Desktop Classical DAB+FM Radio is equipped to receive DAB and DAB  broadcasts, as well as traditional FM with RDS. Bluetooth support is also included, meaning users can wirelessly stream music from their iPhone, Samsung, Windows Phone, Blackberry or other Bluetooth enabled device, including laptops and tablets – with no physical docking necessary.Desktop Classical DAB+FM Radio is crafted using a detailed graphical OLED display and joystick control add a touch of modernity, while patented audio electronics and driver technology deliver 10W of clear digital audio with clarity and deep, rich bass.SuperSignal is an expression of REVO’s design and engineering philosophy, and benefits from everything we have learnt in 10 years of award-winning product design and development.

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